Video as the future language

Language has been changing ever since we started speaking to each other. Now we are being more exposed to video language instead of written language. The written language has always been preferred because you can save this on paper. However, these days you can also save spoken language with the use of a recorder or a video camera.

A video camera is probably the most used these days, and I think this is going to continue. The video is not only something you only can see or only hear like a newspaper or a radio. You stimulate two senses at the same time.  This means that you can both watch and hear at the same time. You are then using less energy to understand the message. For the future I think this is going to continue to be used. We can already see today how many people who watch videos or TV. The average person in the US watch 4.5 hours of TV a day and this is quite much.

We can also take a look at what the Internet is doing to videos. Take YouTube for example. This website has lots and lots of videos you can watch. You can also upload your own videos so other people can watch you. Bloggers are starting to make videos of themselves where they are talking to the camera instead of writing the things they want to contribute so others can read it. One invention that has contributed a lot to this is the portable video camera. This invention has made it easier to shoot videos wherever you are; you even have one built in your cellphone. When you also have Internet built in your cellphone you can post your video online within seconds.

I believe the video going to be more and more used, but I don’t think it’s going to take over. Even though we are using videos more and more and this trend is probably going to continue, we are still going to use the written language as we do today. Videos seem to be coming in addition to the written language and not replacing it. Maybe some small things are replaced like people watching the Harry Potter video instead of reading the book. However, I think this is as far as it goes. The written language is still going to be used as much as it is today.

Anyway, the video is going to be used more and more. We can already see the trend of this in the examples explained above. Just take a look at all the web videos that we have posted on our Facebook page. It is a lot more fun to watch a YouTube video then read an article. I think this is because it is easier to understand the message. And I can see evidence of this on our Facebook page. So we can say that video is going to be a big part of our future language!


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