The privacy of Facebook

The privacy on Facebook is actually very important. If you have a Facebook account, this account can be found by Googleing your name. So it is up to you to have a locked profile where you chose who gets to see your what. If the profile is open, anyone can see it and get a lot of information about you and they do not even have to be logged on to Facebook. So if you don´t want anyone else than your friends to see your profile you have to go into your privacy settings and edit this if it´s not already done.

One example:

In July this year a 16-year-old girl from Hamburg, Germany wanted to celebrate her birthday. She started an event on Facebook, but she accidently posted this event as public. It turned up over 1600 people that wanted to attend. The police got reports of overcrowding, and 100 police officers were deployed for crowd control. 11 of the participants were arrested for property damage and resistance to authorities and one policeman was injured.

This is how bad it could get if you don’t pay attention to how your privacy settings are set up.

Another example of how you can customize your privacy settings is what Camilla did when we made a blog. We made a blog so that we more easily could communicate with our friends and family at home. This blog is connected to Facebook and every time we post something on the blog it automatically post a link to this blog on Camilla´s wall. She did not want to have every one of her Facebook friends to see all the pictures and blogs we posted, so she went on privacy settings and customized the list of friends who could see her wall. This is one thing that is possible to do.

A big reason for why it could be smart to customize your privacy settings is that many people have a lot of Facebook friends who they don’t talk to that often, and some of them might be family. So before you post a lot of embarrassing pictures of your self, make sure you know who can see them.  And if you don’t want anything embarrassing of you online, don’t post it at all.

If you want to take a better look at what you can do to protect the things you publish, take a look at this link:


This can help you to understand what´s important to protect and how you do it.


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