Project no. 2

When I had to write about something that I had learned this week I had to start thinking. There are a lot of issues and themes to write about, because I have learned a lot this week. The idea that got me to write about, if Medias isolates people, I got when I almost had felt asleep. I had to wake up and start writing because I was afraid I would forget the idea by the day after.

Are we getting more isolated because of new Medias?

This week I have learned and put a lot of thought into that some Medias, that are suppose to bring people together actually creates bigger distance between them. If you think about it you know that this is happening. My point is that you very rarely think about this at all, but it is very interesting once you do.

Take movies for example. When cinemas were starting to show movies, it brought people together. They came together and experienced the movie together. Afterwards they could talk about whet they had seen. We still can today, but I think less people go to the movies these days. Some of the reason for this is that we now got the TV and TIVO. Now everybody can watch whatever they want whenever they want. They do not have to plan to watch a movie. People can download it, turn on the TIVO or TV. You can even pause the movie if you want to go grab a snack or go to the bathroom. This is something that cinemas do not have, and therefore makes watching a movie at home more attractive. TV and TIVO are definitely isolating people.

Together with TV you also got social medias like Facebook and Twitter, etc. The meaning of these Medias is to bring people to a social meeting place. A place where it is easier to stay in touch with people. And it is a place like that; only thing that I react to is that people use it to read about what other people are doing and what their life is like, instead of going and talking to them. What happened to going out and meeting people face to face instead of pressing the “like” button or comment on someone’s status?

All of the interaction that you get through for example Facebook is tagging, commenting, posting, sharing, rating and poking. What happened to talking? I am not saying that social medias is something that we should not use, but maybe we could think about how much we use is and what we use it for. Because, at the moment a lot of social Medias are contributing in isolating people from each other.

Fun fact- If Facebook was a country; it would be the 4th largest in the world.


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